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What is GEAR UP

GEAR UP (Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for           Undergraduate Programs) is a federal partnership grant awarded to MiraCosta College to partner with Oceanside Unified School District at the four Middle Schools and two High Schools ( Chavez, Jefferson, Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr., El Camino High and Oceanside High) to increase long term career and post secondary success for students. 

GEAR UP works to support two cohorts of students (the class of 2024 and 2025, which this year happens to be 8th and 9th graders) and offers them the academic skills, information and encouragement they need to not only graduate from high school, but apply and attend an institution of higher education.

Official King GEAR UP Webpage

Program Goals

1. Increase academic performance and preparation for
post-secondary education.
2. Increase high school graduation rates and participation in
post-secondary education. 
3. Increase GEAR UP students’ and families’ knowledge of
post-secondary education options, preparation and financing.

GEAR UP Services

1. GEAR UP Virtual Technology & Academic Support

A. GEAR UP Technology Check In Form: This is a form for you to fill out to let us know how comfortable you are with the current platforms that are being used for your classes!

B. GEAR UP Virtual Tech Support Appointments (12:40 -1:30pm, Mon-Fri):This is a form for you to schedule an appointment with GEAR UP to help you with technology support. Once the appointment is confirmed, a zoom link will be provided to you and you will be placed in a breakout room with a tutor and I will be present in the zoom meeting.

C. GEAR UP Academic Support (12:40-3pm, Mon-Fri): Come by our virtual tutoring session for our 8th graders to support with any homework, classwork or projects! Our zoom link is provided via the GEAR UP King Google Classroom. You can also email Ms.Yasmine for the information!

2. GEAR UP Student Ambassador Program - Application

Interested in a leadership position? Want to work with other students and learn how to be an example to your peers? Well sign up for our GEAR UP Student Ambassador program! The deadline is Wednesday, September 30th.

3.GEAR UP Opportunities: Email us for more information

  • Financial Literacy Courses
  • Career Ready Guides

4. GEAR UP Social Media (Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, & Twitter)

Follow us @ousdgearup for more information and updates!

Contact Email address:

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is in GEAR UP?
GEAR UP works with the graduating classes of 2024 and 2025 at Chavez, Jefferson, Lincoln, King, El Camino High and Oceanside High.

Is there an application?
No. If you are a student attending one of the four Middle Schools or two High Schools, and are in a graduating class of either  2024 or 2025, congratulations, you are already a GEAR UP Student!

How much does it cost?
GEAR UP is 100% FREE for participating students! Funding for the program comes from a federal grant awarded by the Department of Education.


Yasmine Willis Fernández

(760) 901-8894

Receive GEAR UP Updates by texting us at: (760) 248-8799