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Daily Bulletin

Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School


Friday, December 21, 2018

King’s Vision Statement:

Students, Staff, and Parents of King Middle School are dedicated to relevant and collaborative learning at the highest scholarly level ensuring ethics, innovation, and global citizenship.

Introduction and Pledge:

Please remember that there is NO FOOD in the back at any time.  All food must be eaten in the lunch area.  Please take care of your trash and finish eating before you go out to the back.  

Pokemon club will be meeting on Mondays during 6th and 7th grade lunch in G7.  All are welcome

Attention King Lions,

Due to level changes and other types of scheduling changes, some of you will have a new schedule.  Please check your Aeries account during the winter holiday to copy your new schedule into your planner.  On Monday, January 14, you will start your new schedule.

Do NOT start your new classes today.  Thanks! King Counselors