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Contact Administration and Support Staff

Office Email Contacts: 
Student Last names A-Gom: Ms. Carson
Student Last names Gon-Pg: Mrs. Jessup
Student Last names Ph-Z: Mrs. Silva

Contact King ASB  King ASB (760) 901-8846 ASB
Contact Heidi Barker  Heidi Barker (760) 901-8800 Assistant Principal
Contact Celeste Bosio  Celeste Bosio (760) 901-8845 Speech Pathologist
Contact Amanda Burtner  Amanda Burtner (760) 901-8845 Speech Pathologist
Contact Caroline Carson  Caroline Carson (760) 901-8807 Registrar (Last names A-Gom)
Contact Farzin Dunning  Farzin Dunning (760) 901-8892 2.0 Support
Contact Alondra Figueroa  Alondra Figueroa (760) 901-8828 Counselor (Last names Gon-Pg)
Contact Nellie Finn  Nellie Finn (760) 901-8826 Counselor (Last names A-Gom)
Contact Guadalupe Frias  Guadalupe Frias (760) 901-8830 School Community Advisor
Contact Rachel Hovenden  Rachel Hovenden (760) 901-8810 Psychologist
Contact Cynthia Jessup  Cynthia Jessup (760) 901-8816 Registrar (Last names Gon-Pg)
Contact Cassie Kerr  Cassie Kerr (760) 901-8870 Psychologist
Contact Ezia Marsella  Ezia Marsella (760) 901-8802 Attendance Clerk
Contact Anna McAfee  Anna McAfee (760) 901-8821 Health Clerk
Contact Nicole Ordway  Nicole Ordway (760) 901-8814 Student Services/ Secretary to Assistant Principal Heidi Barker
Contact Carissa Pitcher  Carissa Pitcher (760) 901-8804 Secretary to Principal Greg Smedley
Contact Debbie Sandoval  Debbie Sandoval (760) 901-8827 Counselor - Student last names PH-Z
Contact Maggie Silva  Maggie Silva (760) 901-8807 Registrar (Last names Ph-Z)
Contact Greg Smedley  Greg Smedley (760) 901-8800 Principal
Contact Stephanie Weaver  Stephanie Weaver (760) 901-8824 Student Store