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Watch for our Students!

Drop-off and pick-up areas:
-East side of Ivey Ranch Road
-East side of King Park
-West side of Ivey Ranch Road 

Drop-off/ Pick-up Guidelines:
   1. Please avoid all left and u-turns in front of King Middle School.  This will help maintain the flow of traffic. 

   2. It is STRONGLY encouraged that students do not arrive to campus prior to 7 am.  Site supervision begins
          at 7 am. 

   3. The staff parking lot is NOT for student pick up, unless you have a special needs child. 

   4.  Please advise students to cross only in designated crosswalks.

   5. Please pull forward as much as possible and do not load students in any red zone or "No Parking" areas.


Aerial image of campus with traffic flow indicators